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Calling all lovers of greyhounds – WE NEED YOU!

The WA Animal Welfare Act is currently being reviewed and we have until 16 December to let our government know that there is NO reason why the act should not apply to racing greyhounds too!

To assist you to take part in the public consultation period we have prepared a draft letter you can customise and email in to the review. We all know the issues for racing greyhounds so together let’s use our voices and do our bit to make life better for them while we fight for the end of this cruel industry.

A copy of the draft letter is here.  Please copy and paste these words into an email from your own email account, change or add to the letter as you'd like (this will always have more impact), add your own details where indicated and then make sure you email it through to AWA.reviewpanel@dpird.wa.gov.au before 5pm on Monday 16 December 2019.

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