Case Studies - Really Jayell

Case Study:  This case study, of female greyhound Really Jayell, shows a life hindered by a series of injuries as result of her being a racing greyhound. She competed in 72 races in a career of just 2 years and 7 months. She sustained a wrist fracture in her final race, the extent of which could not be assessed at the track, due to the lack of x-ray facilities. Despite this, the decision was made to euthanise her there and then, rather than seek full assessment and treat her injuries.  A life cut short for no apparent reason and yet we are repeatedly told that trainers and owners love their dogs.

Name: Really Jayell

AGE/SEX: Born 23/1/19, female

STATUS: Deceased. Died 18 May 2023 at age 4 years 4 months

Raced from 7 October 2020 to 18 May 2023 – duration 2 years and 7 months, 72 starts.

TRAINER: Barry McPherson and Michael McLennan


INJURIES TO DATE: 13 documented injuries, consisting of 6 on-track injuries, 7 off-track injuries, 5 no apparent injuries. Total cumulative days of stand-downs given: 125, total actual time away: 309 days


Three right hind leg muscle injuries, two back/spine injuries, a right foreleg muscle injury and a foreleg fracture (side not specified), seven unknown off-track injuries.


Really Jayell commenced racing at Cannington on 7 October 2020, at 20 months old. She incurred her first injury, just over one month later, in her second race on 18 November 2020. She injured her right hind leg sartorius muscle (pencil/whip muscle) and was stood down for 7 days. She returned to the track 11 days later.

Following this injury, she returned for one race and was then scratched on 6 December 2020 for an off-track injury, details of which are not available to the public. She returned again after 14 days for one race, but then did not race again for 70 days. The reason for this long absence from the track is unknown.

She raced again on 5 April 2021 and gave a poor race performance, finishing last. She was examined by the on-track vet, but they found no apparent injury.  She returned 7 days later.



On 18 April 2021 she raced and incurred a torn right hip muscle. A 10-day stand-down was imposed and she returned after 15 days.

Really Jayell was presented at the track on 20 June 2021 but received a late scratching due to injury. The details of the injury are not available, but she returned after 15 days for one race. Really Jayell was then prevented from racing on 19 July 2021, 23 August 2021 and 6 September due to off-track injurys.

On 6 September 2021, on her first race back after the above injury scratchings, Really Jayell  fell while racing. She came in 70 lengths behind and was examined by the on-track vet at Cannington, but was declared as having no apparent injury. She returned TWO days later and gave a poor performance and but again, was examined by the vet who declared no apparent injury. She returned to the track FIVE days later. She was again examined by the on-track vet who gave a no apparent injury diagnosis. 

Really Jayell raced again 21 days later, at Cannington on 4 October 2021. She was diagnosed as suffering spinal pain and having a right triceps muscle tear. A 21-day stand-down period was imposed, and she was returned to the track exactly 21 days later.

On 24 January 2022, Really Jayell was scratched from racing due to an off-track injury. She was returned to the track after 27 days.

On 16 March 2022 a further 10-day stand-down period was imposed for a sore right hamstring. She was returned to racing 12 days later.

On 24 April 2022 Really Jayell was scratched from racing again due to off-track injury. She was  returned after 15 days.

On 7  September 2022, she was scratched again due to another off-track injury and returned on 18 September 2022 after 11 days. In this race she gave a very poor performance, finishing 7th. She was examined by the on-track vet who declared no apparent injury. She was returned to the track 7 days later.

On 8 March 2023, Really Jayell was found to have a sore lower back and given a 7-day stand-down She was returned to the track after 18 days.

Really Jayell competed in a further four races but on 18 May 2023 she fractured her wrist while racing at Cannington track. Despite sustaining an injury that can be easily treated, the decision was made to euthanise her on the track. She was just 4 years and 4 months old.

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