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Greyhounds are the only dog breed in WA that have to be muzzled due to an outdated law that is currently up for review. 

After the removal of these laws in VIC and NSW this year, it’s time that WA greyhounds are also able to free the snoot!

Greyhounds are no more of a risk to the community than any other breed of dog. In fact, greyhounds are common pets in countries all around the world.  Nowhere else in the world besides Northern Ireland and our own WA, SA and TAS are greyhounds required to be muzzled. 

Both the RSPCA and Australian Veterinary Association support the removal of compulsory muzzling of greyhounds.

It’s time for these dogs sake that we modernise our outdated laws to reflect current knowledge and evidence that shows there is no increased risk to the community.

So what is the background for why greyhounds wear muzzles and what are the issues?  Click here for a quick summary.

Read Free the Hounds submission to end the muzzle laws here


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